7 Psychology Facts about Introverts, Are You One of Them?

From the outside, introverts may appear very boring and withdrawn. Some think that introverts are unattractive and shy. However, the fact is that people with these characteristics can also be called introverts.
An Introvert does not mean quiet and rarely talks. Many things can categorize someone as an introverted person. Here are the psychological facts about introverts.

1. Introverts are good listeners

Introverts are very good at understanding what other people are telling them from their point of view. For this reason, introverts are good listeners and can calm and cool others.
It can also be useful for solving a problem. If you are good at understanding problems from various points of view, it means that you are an introvert who can understand problems and find solutions easily.

2. Introverts value privacy very much

You like to be alone and rarely tell others about yourself, which means you are an introvert. You may also prefer to solve your problems rather than having to involve other people or ask others for solutions to your problems.
Introverts will also do the same to other people. He will not force others to tell him his problems and tries not to interfere with other people’s problems.

3. Usually more introspective

Constantly thinking about what you have done or want to do and thinking too much about other people’s feelings. This is also a sign that you are an introvert.
You repeatedly think about conversations with people you want to meet but you don’t say it directly. You also often regret your actions that don’t even have any impact on your life.
This can stress and overwhelm you for a long time. You don’t need to think about things more than other people do to avoid stress.

4. Introverts are secretly creative

Introverts who are ignorant of the outside world tend to be more creative. He can come up with creative ideas because he likes to contemplate and doesn’t think about anything except struggling with his thoughts.
Introverts mostly don’t care about other people’s opinions or avoid other people’s responses by focusing on themselves, for that they easily find crazy but creative and innovative ideas.
If you find it easy to come up with lots of crazy ideas that other people rarely think of, you could be an introvert.

5. It’s not that I don’t like crowds, I just don’t like attention

Introverts prefer to be behind the scenes rather than appear to be the stars at a party or a crowded place. This doesn’t mean they don’t like socializing, it’s just that introverts don’t like it when they are noticed and the center of attention. Therefore, introverts rarely wear clothes with bright colors and wear items that can attract attention.
Simple outfit styles with neutral color combinations often make introverts look geeky, even though they just don’t want to attract the attention of other people.

6. Prefer writing to speak

If you prefer to write rather than talk, you are an introvert. This happens because introverts are usually very perfectionists, so they want to express what they are thinking as accurately as possible. Therefore he prefers to write long texts on social media or chat rather than having to explain them directly.

7. Introverts are very loyal and loyal friends

An introvert is very loyal and usually keeps his word. Introverts don’t have tons of friends, so they won’t disappoint the friends they have. He will also always try to maintain the trust of his friends.

Those are the 7 psychological facts about introverts that you need to know to judge whether someone is included in the introvert category or not. So, are you one of those introverts?

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