Are the Side Effects of Drugs Very Dangerous?

Drugs have different functions or benefits. Some can relieve complaints such as headaches, for example, paracetamol. There are also drugs used to treat bacterial infections, for example, antibiotics, and there are also drugs used to prevent more severe diseases or complications, for example, hypertension drugs.
Various drugs have side effects. For some people, the side effects of the medication may sound alarming. Is everyone bound to experience drug side effects? Are the side effects of drugs dangerous? Here’s an explanation.

1. What are drug side effects?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) explains that a side effect is an unwanted effect associated with a drug. All drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter drugs, have side effects.
In addition, the reported by health direct states that vitamins and minerals also have side effects, as well as herbal products. Even so, it’s important to remember that not everyone will experience side effects after taking the drug.

2. Are all the side effects of drugs dangerous?

Not all side effects that arise are serious. The most common side effects are mild, including stomach discomfort, dry mouth, and drowsiness.
As reported by Verywell Health, some side effects are serious so they need further treatment, while other side effects are milder and do not need medical treatment.
To find out the side effects of a drug, you can read it on the packaging label or drug brochure that contains this information.

3. Some side effects can be prevented and get better on their own

Some side effects can be avoided by using the drug according to the instructions on the package. For example, the National Health Service (NHS) recommends taking ibuprofen with food to reduce the side effect of nausea. In addition, some side effects will also improve over time. For example, the drug may cause nausea the first time you take it and this will go away on its own.
Some side effects do not appear right away after the drug is used but develop after several times using the drug. WebMD also mentions, sometimes side effects occur due to using two or more drugs simultaneously.

4. Factors that influence the appearance of side effects

According to the FDA, several things that can affect a person experiencing side effects after using drugs include age, currently using other drugs or supplements, or having other diseases or conditions, for example having a disease that lowers the immune system.
Adding from Verywell Health, side effects can also be influenced by ethnic and racial factors as well as the severity of the disease.

Side effects can occur when:

  • Starting to use a new drug or supplement that has never been taken before.
  • Stopping drugs that have been used for some time.
  • Increase or decrease the dose of drugs used.

5. Reducing the risk of drug side effects

It is important to ask about drug side effects when getting a new drug that has not been used before. Doctors and pharmacists will help provide information related to drugs sciencefile. You need to know what serious side effects are, what side effects can go away on their own, and what side effects can be prevented.
Asking about possible side effects is a way to reduce the risk of drug side effects appearing. Health workers can provide suggestions to reduce this risk, for example taking drugs with food to reduce the effects of nausea or asking to avoid using other drugs together.

Reading drug packaging labels carefully is also important because they contain a lot of information, such as how to use the drug and possible side effects that may arise. All drugs, vitamins, minerals, to herbal medicines can have side effects, but not everyone experiences them. In general, the side effects of drugs that appear are mild and can go away on their own. It is important to ask for drug information so that you know serious side effects, side effects that go away on their own, or side effects that can be prevented.