Blue Note Therapeutics raises $26M to help treat cancer-related distress via cognitive behavioral stress management (CBSM)

Blue Note Therapeutics Raises $26.25 Million in Series A Financing (press release):

Blue Note Therapeutics, Inc., today announced the closing of a Series A financing round of $26.25 million. Proceeds will allow the company to scale the organization and fund near-term clinical trials of its lead prescription digital therapeutic (PDT), which will potentially improve the treatment of cancer. The capital will also support the development of Blue Note’s pipeline assets. The Series A financing was led by JAZZ Venture Partners and joined by Summer VC.

Blue Note Therapeutics is dedicated to serving patients suffering from cancer-related distress. Working closely with leading cancer research centers and patient communities, Blue Note is developing clinically validated medical devices designed to improve overall cancer outcomes. These products will help address the specific psychosocial needs of oncology patients and may reduce comorbidities such as anxiety, depression, and fear of cancer recurrence…In 2020, Blue Note launched COVID Cancer Care, a digital wellness program intended to help adults with cancer cope with stress and anxiety related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

News in Context:

About Cancer-Related Distress:

There are about 18 million cancer patients and survivors in the United States today. Nearly half of all cancer patients experience psychosocial distress, anxiety, or depression.

If left untreated, these feelings can lower a cancer survivors’ quality of life and may negatively affect survival. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) has proposed guidelines for the delivery of mental health care services in oncology, which include screening patients for signs of distress and implementing a treatment plan to address these needs with a mental health care specialist.

Unfortunately, fewer than half of patients who experience cancer-related distress are referred to mental health care specialists. Prescription digital therapeutics that help to treat cancer-related distress have the potential to help close this cancer treatment gap. These may incorporate cognitive behavioral stress management (CBSM), which has been tailored to cancer patients and shown in numerous clinical studies to improve emotional well-being, physical health, and overall survival

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