Doctors Debate Use of Blood Thinners to Prevent Clots in Women After C-Sections

Nearly all women who deliver babies through cesarean section at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York City receive injections of the blood thinner heparin for weeks after the procedure, to prevent potentially life-threatening blood clots.

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Obstetric leaders there say that’s good medical practice because the formation of those clots, called venous thromboembolism or VTE, though uncommon, is a leading cause of maternal death after delivery, particularly C-section delivery. Broad use of heparin has been shown to be effective and safe in the United Kingdom in reducing that risk and should be adopted in the U.S., they argue.

But there’s sharp debate among physicians about whether wide use of heparin is effective, worth the cost and safe, since it carries the risk of bleeding. Last year, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists … Read the rest

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Impulsan monitores de glucosa aunque no ayudarían a muchos pacientes con diabetes

En la batalla de la nación contra la epidemia de diabetes, el arma preferida que se promueve agresivamente entre los pacientes es tan pequeña como una moneda de 25 centavos, y se usa en el abdomen o en el brazo.

Es un monitor continuo de glucosa (MCG), un sensor diminuto que se inserta justo debajo de la piel, lo que alivia la necesidad de que los pacientes se pinchen los dedos todos los días para controlar el nivel de azúcar en sangre.

El monitor rastrea los niveles de glucosa en todo momento, envía lecturas al celular de los pacientes y al médico, y alerta cuando éstas son demasiado altas o demasiado bajas.

Hoy en día, casi 2 millones de personas con diabetes usan estos monitores, el doble que en 2019, según la firma de inversión Baird.

Sin embargo, hay poca evidencia de que logren mejores resultados para la mayoría de … Read the rest

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The Boom in Out-of-State Telehealth Threatens In-State Providers

HELENA, Mont. — When the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation began offering telehealth services in Montana in early February, the nation’s largest nonprofit addiction treatment provider promised quality care for far-flung residents without their even having to leave home.

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That promise was what Montana and more than 40 other states had in mind when they temporarily relaxed rules restricting telehealth services and allowed out-of-state providers to hold remote patient visits for the duration of the covid-19 pandemic.

A year into the pandemic, telehealth has become widely accepted. Some states are now looking to make permanent the measures that have fueled its growth. But with it have come some unintended consequences, such as a rise in fraud, potential access problems for vulnerable groups and conflicts between out-of-state and in-state health providers.

In Montana, for example, not everybody cheered the virtual … Read the rest

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University of Missouri Settles Lawsuits Over Knee Surgeries Involving Veterinarian

COLUMBIA, Mo. — The University of Missouri has settled a collection of personal injury and false advertising claims over knee surgeries for $16.2 million, in what appears to be one of its largest public payouts in recent years.

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The 22 plaintiffs, a handful of whom were minors, filed suits from 2018 through 2020 over “BioJoint” surgeries pioneered by two university employees, orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Stannard and veterinarian Dr. James Cook. The procedure involves a complex operation that the Mizzou BioJoint Center’s website calls a “biological joint restoration,” replacing parts of the knee with cadaver bones or cartilage to treat arthritis or joint damage. Some plaintiffs alleged in court documents that the procedure was sold to them as a way to avoid a traditional artificial knee replacement.

Plaintiffs alleged in court documents that Stannard did not … Read the rest

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Journalists Explore Covid Relief Bill and Vaccine Issues

Chief Washington correspondent Julie Rovner discussed how the $1.9 trillion covid relief bill will help bolster the Affordable Care Act with “PBS NewsHour” on Wednesday.

Colorado correspondent Rae Ellen Bichell spoke with KUNC’s “Colorado Edition” on Wednesday about what childhood vaccine rates can tell us about public acceptance of the covid vaccines.

Midwest correspondent Lauren Weber joined Big If True’s “Hard Reset” podcast Wednesday to discuss how covid vaccine websites often violate disability laws and create accessibility problems for the blind.

California Healthline senior correspondent Anna Maria Barry-Jester talked about prioritizing vaccines for vulnerable communities with KALW’s … Read the rest

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What Is A General Dentist And Specialist Dentist?

Accredited online degree programs are available to prepare students for careers as physician assistants. Dental Prosthetists will find employment opportunities in the public and private health sectors through government health department clinics and private practice as independent clinicians. The PA training require students to study for such subjects as biochemistry, pathology, human anatomy, physiology, microbiology, clinical pharmacology, clinical medicine, disease prevention and medical ethics. Theoretical study aside, students are also required to undergo practical trainings. They may obtain training in areas such as family medicine, psychiatry, internal medicine, surgery, emergency medicine and pediatrics. With distance learning or online format for a nursing degree, there is a lack of courses offered for science laboratory. Applicants may need to enquire more on the availability of such courses. If it is not possible, it is wise to take science laboratory courses in person. There are a few programs online that offer science lab … Read the rest

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RCN row continues as petitioners complain of being shut out

The Royal College of Nursing presidential election row is continuing to rumble on despite promises of an extraordinary general meeting (EGM). The college’s governing council announced yesterday that it would be calling an EGM in the near future to give members an opportunity to air…

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Oriental Medicine Programs

Modern dentistry is the result of a long process of technological change. The group creates works based on immediate yet intangible elements such as shadows, smells, footprints or voices, or constructed on such themes as “evidence of existence.” While utilizing digital technology, the artists place importance on the aspect of touching and holding things, which has made them popular around the world among children and adult alike. We have to finally understand and recognize that Media ecology touches, in part, mass media, new media, journalism, communication studies, cultural studies, cultural studies, literary theory, the arts, history, theology, law, politics, economics, language, and so forth. Everything is everything in terms of the Media Ecology we exist in and the lens of Media Ecology, somewhat provides answer to all those obscure features of technique, technology and communications. A more concise and broader definition can be found in the opening paragraph of this … Read the rest

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Emergency meeting of RCN will ‘give members space to air concerns’

An extraordinary general meeting (EGM) of the Royal College of Nursing will be convened “soon”, the chair of the college’s ruling council has announced. Dave Dawes (pictured above) said the EGM would provide members with a space to air their concerns following a stormy few…

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Covid-19 test results for care home nurses ‘consistently delayed and lost’

Care home nurses continue to struggle with access to coronavirus tests, with some reporting that results are “consistently delayed, inconclusive or even get lost”, according to a nursing union. The Royal College of Nursing has warned that, without proper testing and processes in place, the…

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