The Pathology Of The LIVER

Ready to earn your degree or certificate in Chinese medicine? The optimal positioning for any video display terminal was shown to be between 10-25 degrees below the line of sight 27 Neck stiffness and pain are commonly noted amongst surgeons who regularly conduct laparoscopic procedures 28 If ergonomic set up were the sole consideration in laparoscopic surgery, the ideal positioning of the monitor for the surgeon would be directly in the surgeon’s line of sight – between the surgeon and the surgical field, with a second monitor directly at eye-level in front 29 Surgeons have significantly lower neck strain when monitors are placed directly ahead at eye level as evidenced by lower electromyographic activity of the main neck muscles 30 Though new devices are emerging on the market to enable screens to be placed in positions better suited for the surgeon’s comfort, most operating theatres use a standard video display … Read the rest

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