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Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days…

Suffering with an eating disorder – one dentist’s experience

How many people working in the dental profession suffer with an eating disorder? Clinicians are trained to look for the signs and symptoms, but do we ever stop to reflect on the profession itself? This week dentist Robert Chaffe bravely came forward to give us his story about suffering with anorexia. With the demands from what can be a very stressful profession and the extra toll COVID has played, we shouldn’t forget to concentrate on taking care of ourselves. Only when dentists and dental professionals are well can they look after their patients.

COVID-19 rate among dentists less than 1%

Speaking of which, a first-of-its-kind analysis found that less than 1% of dentists are COVID-19 positive. This is down to exceptional cross … Read the rest

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Drop in e-cigarette use despite evidence it helps smokers quit

E-cigarettes are 70% more effective in helping smokers ditch their habit than nicotine replacement therapy.

This is according to a new review undertaken by Cochrane.

However, findings from charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) reveal e-cigarette uptake fell in 2020 when compared to 2019.

Data from its annual survey with Yougov found that in March 2020 there were 3.2 million e-cigarette users in Great Britain. This is down from 3.6 million in 2019.

Additionally, almost all users are smokers or ex-smokers – with low use among those who have never smoked.

Tool to manage cravings

As a result, the charity warns that ‘unfounded concerns’ regarding e-cigarettes are discouraging thousands of smokers from seeking effective help.

‘About a third of smokers have never even tried an e-cigarette and less than 20% are currently using one,’ said chief executive of ASH, Deborah Arnott.

‘If many more smokers could be encouraged to … Read the rest

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COVID-19 rate among dentists less than 1%

Less than 1% of dentists were found to be COVID-19 positive, according to a new report. 

In a first-of-its-kind analysis, the conclusion was based on US data collected in June 2020. The result is well below that of other health professionals in the country.

Additionally, it found that 99% of dentists are following enhanced cross infection control procedures. For example, this includes ramped up disinfection processes and screening protocols.

Published in The Journal of the American Dental Association, the researchers say it is clear dentists are following stringent measures.

Very good news

‘This is very good news for dentists and patients,” said Marcelo Araujo, the senior author of the report.

‘This means that what dentists are doing – heightened infection control and increased attention to patient and dental team safety – is working.’

The team analysed nearly 2,200 dentists, where 16.6% reported getting a COVID-19 test. Aligning the results … Read the rest

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‘Microevolution’ means more babies born without wisdom teeth

More babies are born without wisdom teeth as new research shows the human race is passing through a ‘microevolution’. 

According to a new study in the Journal of Anatomy, the human race is evolving at a rate faster than it has done at any interval in the last 250 years.

It reveals that babies have shorter faces – leading to smaller mouths and less room for teeth to grow.

According to The Telegraph, researcher Dr Teghan Lucas, from Flinders University, Australia, said our increased ability to chew our food is a key factor.

‘As our faces are getting a lot shorter there is not as much room for teeth because of smaller jaws,’ she said.

‘This is happening in time as we have learnt to use fire and process foods more. A lot of people are just being born without wisdom teeth.’

Change in evolutionary process

Alongside this, … Read the rest

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Calls for £10k monthly fund for independent practices amidst new restrictions

Some independent dental practices spent £10,000 a month to keep themselves afloat when they were closed during lockdown.

This is according to new findings by Rangewell.

Analysing data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), it reveals the health and social care has flatlined one quarter below its February levels.

As a result, it is urging the government to:

  • Provide more than £10,000 each month to all independent dental, optician and pharmacy practices in the level 2-3 COVID zones
  • A tax holiday on National Insurance contributions on overtime pay for all independent dentists, opticians and pharmacists
  • Temporarily revert the way pharmacies are paid so they receive payment from dispensing medicines rather than delivering services.

Crippling effect

‘Our high street dentists, opticians and pharmacists are in crisis,’ says Nic Conner, author of the report and Rangewell’s head of research.

‘There needs to be urgent action taken to save our community … Read the rest

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Private Dentistry Awards 2020 – the finalists


The wait is finally over. Here’s the shortlist for this year’s Private Dentistry Awards…

Best Charity or Community Project


Ajay Mehta
College Street Dental Centre
Deciduous – Corby Private Medical Centre
Dental on the Banks
Gold for Kids
Happy Kids Dental
Healthy Smile Dental
Heronsgate Dental Centre
Mind Ninja
Platinum Dental Care
Torrs Park Dental Practice


Measham Dental
Willows Dental & Implant Centre


Ghyllmount Dental
International Digital Dental Academy
Stricklandgate Dental Practice

Best Child Friendly Practice

Dudley Road Dental Practice
Ghyllmount Dental
Happy Kids Dental
Willows Dental & Implant Centre

Best Digital Practice


Dental House
Dorset Dental Clinic
Gentle Dental Implant and Cosmetic Centre
Hellesdon Dental Care
Orchard Orthodontics
Wensleydale Dental Practice
Zandielle Clinic


Bond Dental
Digital Smile Studio
The Cosmetic Dental Gallery
Tooth Fairy


Dentistry @ Markethill
Dentist On THE ROCK
Glasgow Smile Clinic

Best New Practice


Banning Dental … Read the rest

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Out of office – Andy Acton talks travel, cooking and Formula 1

Andy Acton discusses becoming a grandfather, his interest in Formula 1 and why he thinks sport is important. 

Please introduce yourself

I am Andy Acton, married, four kids, one granddaughter and nine pets!

I am the co-founder of a specialist provider of business services to the dental profession. The best known part of this is Frank Taylor & Associates, which values and sells dental practices. But we deliver a full set of business services to help dentists thrive from video marketing to finance and legal services.

Across a 20-foot wall in my office it reads: ‘We exist to change lives; to help our clients achieve their dreams’. This sums up what we work towards every day.

Most of my time is spent strategically developing the group, working with the profession to debunk myths and sharing positivity.

What do you get up to in your spare time away from dentistry?

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The hygienist’s blog – social media whitening

With a huge growth in low-cost options for whitening on social media, Claire Berry explores how safe this is for patients.

As a dental professional who carries out legal, professional, medical grade tooth whitening, it astounds me how able and willing the Instagram generation is to put their oral health at risk.

They search for low-cost options to achieve the seemingly ‘perfect smile’.

From tooth whitening to tooth straightening, you can find an answer online at a seemingly affordable price. If you have a little more money in the bank, then why not hop on a plane? Have the treatment while you are on holiday.

With the power of digital marketing, it is easy to see why the public feel it is safe to do so.

Marketing is misleading followers. It can make them think brands and companies are reputable. That they have great reviews, multiple customers and a product … Read the rest

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Consuming sugary drinks while breastfeeding can impact child’s cognitive development

A high sugar diet during the breastfeeding period can delay cognitive development in infants.

This is according to a new study carried out at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

The research suggests that mothers who consume sugary beverages after giving birth risk exposing their newborns to the sugars through their breastmilk.

Consequently, it can lead to poorer cognitive development in infants nearly two years later.

Increased sugar exposure

Published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the study looked at 88 participants who all consumed sugary juices and beverages each day during the first month of breastfeeding.

They were assessed using the Bayley-III Scales of Infant Development when they reached two years of age.

Participants who reported greater consumption of sugary drinks had children with lower cognitive development scores. Researchers suggest that exposure to the sugar levels could interfere with brain development.

Dr Michael Goran is programme director for diabetes … Read the rest

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Just 3% of sugar cut from food products in three years, PHE report finds

Retailers and manufacturer branded products reduced sugar content by only 3% since 2017, sparking worries over the country’s health.

This falls well below the government’s aim to reduce sugar by 20% by 2020.

In a report by Public Health England (PHE), data reveals many products display ‘little or no reduction’ in sugar levels.

For example, quantities in chocolate and sweets have reduced by just 0.4% and 0.1% respectively. Additionally, they have actually increased in puddings by 2%.

On the other hand, other products have seen a notable improvement. The sugar content in yoghurt and fromage frais are down by 12.9%, with breakfast cereals cutting it by 13.3%

Mixed progress on sugar

The introduction of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy also had a dramatic impact on sugar levels in beverages.

Statistics show a massive 43.7% reduction in the sugar content of soft drinks between 2015 and 2019.

‘Progress achieved by retailers … Read the rest

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