Food science researchers advance science behind gut health and prebiotics

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN – When it comes to improving human gut health, approaches and the success of these approaches are based largely on an individual’s gut ecosystem: the bacteria present, its diversity and other factors. Therefore, trying to improve gut health through application of prebiotics or probiotics can have wildly variable results based on gut flora composition.

Bruce Hamaker, director of the Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research and Distinguished Professor of Food Science, and Thaisa Moro Cantu-Jungles, his postdoctoral research associate, recently discovered a way to select prebiotic fibers that have the potential to provide improvement of gut health where everyone would benefit.

Their study, conducted in vitro, showed an increase in butyrate-producing bacteria with a selected fiber using this new approach. Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid that supports many of the body’s essential functions from regulating the immune system to digestive health. In donors’ gut flora where

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Secret Side Effects of Showering Daily, Says Science

We live in liquid before birth, and are covered in it upon entering this world, so it’s understandable that standing under a spray of water, lathering up with fragrant soaps and shampoos, can be a calming, or energizing, feeling—but sadly, there are secret side effects of your shower. Nothing immediately life-threatening, mind you, but just some things everyone should know. Read on to discover 5 ways you can stay your healthiest when bathing—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these Sure Signs You Have “Long” COVID and May Not Even Know It.


“Normal, healthy skin maintains a layer of oil and a balance of ‘good’ bacteria and other microorganisms. Washing and scrubbing removes these, especially if the water is hot. As a result,” says Harvard Health:

  • “Skin may become dry, irritated, or itchy.
  • Dry, cracked skin may allow bacteria and allergens to
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Health Ministry: Indoor mask mandate to be reinstated today at 12:00 pm

1. Children below age 7

2. Someone who cannot wear a mask due to a disability

3. Someone who is alone

4. Two workers who permanently work in the same room.

In addition, the Health Ministry recommended to wear a mask at large gathering held outdoors.

The Ministry also recommends that people who are at-risk or are not vaccinated refrain from attending gatherings of any sort.

There were 227 new coronavirus cases in Israel on Thursday, the Health Ministry announced Friday morning, with an additional 35 cases confirmed since midnight. Some 41,331 tests were conducted on Thursday with 0.6% of them returning a positive result, marking an increase from the 0.3-0.2% positive tests from previous days. While the figures mark a significant increase compared to previous weeks, when the number of new daily cases ranged between a

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What Can I Do With A Public Health Degree? Career & Salary Breakdown

A mission is stronger than personal ambition and a person with mission is usually driven by a conviction that he or she is chosen to do something and no one else can undertake the task.

clinical laboratory scientist salary kaiser

Clinical laboratory technicians are referred to as clinical laboratory scientist or medical technologist. Second, pursuing nurse continuing education can allow a nurse to expand into new areas of nursing, offering him or her a wider range of career options and potentially better pay. In today’s health care environment, there is an increasing demand for nurses with a BSN (bachelor of science in nursing) or higher. College courses that are part of an advanced nursing degree program will generally help to fulfill a nurse’s state-mandated continuing education requirement, and will get her one step closer to being able to capitalize on this ever-growing demand. Online degree programs are making it easier … Read the rest

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Science magazine removes op-ed accusing Israel of ‘vaccine apartheid’

The Scientific American retracted an opinion piece after receiving backlash for running an op-ed that categorically accused Israel of apartheid, war crimes and human rights abuses against Palestinians, according to the New York Post.The piece, titled “Health Care Workers Call for Support of Palestinians,” condemned Israel specifically for carrying out what it terms “vaccine apartheid” in addition to war crimes and human rights abuses.The article was written by research fellows and medical students from Harvard, the Seattle Children’s Hospital, the Mayo Clinic and other medical institutions.The article was removed after three Nobel Prize winners and 100 other scientists called out the article, according to the NY Post.“In publishing the cited article, Scientific American’s editors jettisoned appropriate editorial standards and ignored easily verified facts that counter the authors’ one-sided invective,” the letter submitted by the Nobel Prize winners and scientists read, the report stated. “While purporting to be a
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Pope: Healthcare is a mission that unites science and the fullness of humanity

In a message to participants at the second Italian National Conference on Mental Health, Pope Francis lauds the sacrifice of health workers amid the Covid-19 pandemic and highlights that taking care of one’s neighbour is fully realized when scientific knowledge meets with humanity and tenderness.

By Vatican News staff writer

Pope Francis on Friday, addressed participants at the second National Conference on Mental Health promoted by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Extending his greetings to them, the Pope said that the event gives him the opportunity to express his esteem and that of the Church for physicians and healthcare workers who are involved in this delicate field.

Further underlining the importance of their work, the Holy Father noted that their commitment to offering appropriate treatment to people suffering from mental disorders is “a great good for people and for society” especially as they “have felt with particular gravity, the devastating

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UK attracts foreign investment for plant science, health and nutrition

07 Jun 2021 — The Department for International Trade (DIT) has backed a new proposal to reinforce the UK counties of Norfolk and Suffolk as the global center of excellence for plant science focusing on nutritious food. The move comes amid a growing global demand for more nutritious food products that improves both physical and cognitive health.

The plan, driven by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership’s Norfolk & Suffolk Unlimited inward investment team, Norwich Research Park and other local partners, focuses on attracting businesses to use the region’s globally renowned plant science expertise to develop nutritious food products.

The DIT’s High Potential Opportunities (HPO) program selects focused investment opportunities to promote internationally.

This new HPO for Norfolk and Suffolk will be promoted by DIT’s global network, showcasing the opportunities internationally and promoting the projects to investors.

Click to EnlargeDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, medical advice has highlighted

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ARPA-H: Accelerating biomedical breakthroughs | Science


A DARPA-like culture at NIH can drive biomedical and health advances

The biomedical research ecosystem has delivered advances that not long ago would have been inconceivable, exemplified by highly effective COVID-19 vaccines developed by global partners and approved in less than a year. The United States stands at a moment of unprecedented scientific promise and is challenged to ask: What more can we do to accelerate the pace of breakthroughs to transform medicine and health? Toward that end, President Biden recently proposed to create a new entity, the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H), within the National Institutes of Health (NIH) “to develop breakthroughs—to prevent, detect, and treat diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cancer,” requesting $6.5 billion in the fiscal year 2022 budget (1). The idea is inspired by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which follows a flexible and nimble strategy, undeterred by the

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EPA Will Re-Open Particulate Matter Standards to Fully Consider Science, Health

WASHINGTON (June 10, 2021)—The Environmental Protection Agency announced today that it will re-open the National Ambient Air Quality Standards process for particulate matter (PM) pollution. That’s a welcome shift that will enable the agency to undo the previous administration’s mishandling of particulate matter rules, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).

Below is a statement by Dr. Gretchen T. Goldman, research director for the Center for Science and Democracy at UCS.

“EPA Administrator Michael Regan is taking a very positive step by re-opening the process of setting standards for particulate matter pollution. This is a chance to undo one of the previous administration’s most ill-considered and indefensible decisions, and create new standards based on the best available science that will protect public health.

“Fine particulate matter is one of the most common, and most harmful ambient air pollutants. In recent years, the science increasingly shows the clear health

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What does the science say?

Food addiction remains a controversial topic in the scientific community. The concept is driven in part by concerns surrounding the increasing rates of obesity in the United States and elsewhere in the world. In this Honest Nutrition feature, we explain what the science says and address the question: Is food addiction real?

Food addiction is a concept that researchers use to describe compulsive eating habits in humans, which may resemble addiction-like behaviors.

Research indicates that some individuals may be more likely than others to experience addiction to palatable foods — meaning foods that are high in fat and sugar.

Other studies suggest that those who may experience food addiction exhibit “seeking” behaviors, as well as other symptoms and cravings similar to those that people typically experience as part of a substance use disorder.

There is no universally accepted clinical definition of “food addiction,” and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of

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