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One third of dentists experienced abuse from patients during pandemic

third of dentists experienced abuse from patients during the COVID pandemic, according to new Dental Protection statistics. And 5% say they experienced verbal abuse outside of the surgery. Healthcare professionals dedicate their lives to achieving the very best for their patients. The least they should expect is to be able to practise or live their lives without receiving abuse for it. The pandemic brought the best and worst out of people. But maybe this is a sign the pendulum has swung too far the wrong way.

ARF will remain unchanged for 2021

The GDC announced its Annual Retention Fee would remain the same for 2021. The dental regulator has history for taking advantage of those it regulates to replenish its … Read the rest

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Temporary VAT holiday on PPE set to finish

VAT on PPE is set to resume at 20% from the end of October after the Treasury ended its ‘tax holiday’.

The tax was cut on the 1 May to ‘relieve the burden’ on frontline workers of purchasing PPE. The Guardian believes the cut on VAT has saved healthcare workers £300m over the last six months.

With a reintroduction just around the corner, the BDA is calling on Rishi Sunak to change his approach.

‘A policy designed to relieve burdens on the healthcare sector is set to go when it is most needed,’ British Dental Association chair, Eddie Crouch, says. ‘The result is dentists, care homes and tens of thousands of other businesses will struggle with added costs.

‘A short-term extension is essential, but we need to see real imagination from government. Giving health and social care providers the ability to reclaim these costs could offer a viable way forward.… Read the rest

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Cancer patients, clinicians benefit when symptoms are reported using a electronic real-time system

Both cancer patients and their medical teams found it beneficial when patients shared their symptoms in real time using a web- or telephone-based reporting system, according to a national multi-institutional study.

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Patient who stalked dentist with crossbow jailed after breaching restraining order

Tom Baddeley

A man who was discovered with a crossbow near his dentist’s home has been jailed after breaching a restraining order.

Thomas Baddeley – a former patient– secretly stalked dentist Ian Hutchinson for four years until he was stopped by police in November last year.

He was found with a crossbow, a large knife, hammer and bleach. But after sentencing in August, he was released on license due to the time he served on remand.

However, Baddeley was arrested earlier this month after a police officer spotted him attempting to disguise himself near Dr Hutchinson’s practice.

He pleaded guilty to breaching his restraining order. As a result, he has been jailed for two years.

Completely unacceptable

DC Ceri Parker, the officer in the case, said: ‘Tom Baddeley chose not to comply with the legal restrictions imposed on him and sought to further harass his victim.

‘Breaching a restraining … Read the rest

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CDO for England releases new SOP for dentistry

The latest standard operating procedure (SOP) for NHS dental services in England has been released.

Published yesterday, the updated guidance follows a review into AGPs in the climate of COVID-19 and the new COVID-19: infection prevention and control dental index.

Key revisions include the reduction of fallow time and changes to mask requirements.

The updated SOP means that fallow time can be cut if practices meet the necessary ventilation and mitigation requirements.

When six to nine air changes take place each hour (ACH), a baseline fallow period of 20 minutes is recommended. This can be reduced to just 15 minutes if there are 10 or more ACH.

Confirmation of mask requirements

Additionally, it confirms that FFP3 and loose-fitting powered hoods are recommended for AGP treatments. However, if a risk assessment shows an FFP2 mask is suitable, it is recommended as a safe alternative.

With this in mind, the Office of … Read the rest

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Teen boys more likely to associate marijuana use with improving sexual activity

Teen-age boys exposed to pro-cannabis advertising and social media posts are more likely than female peers to associate marijuana use with improving sexual activity, new research from Washington State University suggests.

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Almost half of dentists experience aggression from their patients

Around half of dentists experienced aggression from their patients in the last year, research reveals. 

This is according to a new study carried out by researchers at New York University.

It found a significant proportion of the profession reported verbal, reputational or physical aggression from their patients over the last 12 months.

For example, over the last year nearly one quarter (22.2%) reported experiencing physical violence. Additionally, 55% experienced verbal aggression while 44.4% experienced reputational aggression.

Researchers surveyed almost 100 dentists practising in New York City, all of whom had been working for around 17 years.

Violence overlooked

Types of aggressive behaviours included being pushed, kicked, insulted, sworn at, threat of lawsuits and negative social media posts.

Rates of aggression did not change according to race, sex, ethnicity, age, specialty, the numbers of years practising or the number of patients treated each day.

The figures ballooned when the question was … Read the rest

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Impaired blood clot contraction predicts imminent postoperative thrombosis

The co-authors are employees of the Protein-Cell Interactions Lab of Kazan Federal University (Natalia G. Evtugina, Alina D. Peshkova, and Lab Head Rustem I. Litvinov) in cooperation with Interregional Clinical Diagnostic Center, Kazan, Russia (Arseniy A. Pichugin) and University of Pennsylvania (John W. Weisel and Rustem I. Litvinov by his primary employment).

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