Dental information during pandemic ‘inconsistent and confusing’, says health watchdog

The dental information provided by some dental services during the pandemic was ‘inconsistent and confusing’, a health watchdog reports.

This is according to a COVID-19 review by Healthwatch, looking into the NHS and social care experiences of the UK public.

This report covers the period April to June 2020, based on experiences of more than 19,700 people.

Additionally, ‘How can you find an NHS dentist?’ was the third most viewed article on a health information website during the most severe parts of the pandemic.

Between April and June 2020, the page – hosted on Healthwatch England – racked up more than 6,100 unique page views.

Inconsistent and confusing

The page ‘How can you find an NHS dentist?’ fell behind just two other pages:

  • What does shielding mean? – 49,327 unique page views
  • What’s the difference between social distancing and self-isolation? – 11,210 unique page views

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Spike in associates looking to purchase dental practices

Many more dental associates are looking to purchase practices following lockdown, figures from Christie & Co show.

In its first ‘Buyer Registration Index’, Christie’s figures show a 59% increase in buyer registrations since the UK eased lockdown measures.

The property adviser believes this increased appetite is due to associates looking to secure their future income after recent pay cuts. The COVID pandemic has also given associates time for reflection and an opportunity to shop around the market.

‘Whilst it is well documented that some investor-backed corporates have recently paused their acquisition trail, appetite from the independent market remains very high,’ Jonathan Watson, director of medical at Christie & Co, says.

‘A great example of this is a two-chair mixed practice in Cheshire that we brought to market in July. This received nine viewing requests in the first two days of marketing.

‘We’re also seeing that a fall in private associate … Read the rest

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Exploring the Relationship Between Mass Spectrometry and Informatics

Mass spectrometry has always had a powerful synergy with computers. Computers have pushed mass spectrometry forward at key junctures in it’s history from data collection to instrument operation to data analysis.

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On course to career development confidence

Dental therapist and entrepreneur, Victoria Wilson, is developing a new course to help dental professionals learn the steps to launch a sustainable oral health promotional project in five weeks, and the confidence to start a new venture.

Where did the idea of running this series of courses come from?

As a dental profession we continue to treat the most prevalent preventative disease globally.

We have so many amazing clinicians. But we are limited in our reach through clinical work alone, staying in clinic.

This is exactly why Smile Revolution is running the course. To give clinicians insight into opportunities they can explore and develop.

I have always felt passionate about sharing what I have learnt.

More recently we are witnessing a very different landscape, where many dental professionals feel more insecure, worried and vulnerable.

I know many hygienists and therapists experiencing real financial, mental health and professional challenges. This … Read the rest

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American Heart Association honors UVA professor for contributions to cardiovascular research

Robert M. Carey, MD, Professor of Medicine at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, has been named a Distinguished Scientist of the American Heart Association for his “extraordinary contributions” to cardiovascular research.

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Dental teams urged to identify signs of eating disorders amidst pandemic

A dental organisation is calling on dental teams to spot signs of eating disorders over fears they could go undiagnosed.

The British Society of Dental Hygiene & Therapy (BSDHT) said dental hygienists and therapists are in the ‘ideal position’ to help curb the effects of the pandemic.

This includes identifying signs of eating disorders, many of which could have developed or worsened as a result of lockdown.

Statistics reveal that nine out of 10 people with eating disorders were negatively impacted by the pandemic.

Undetected eating disorders

The data shows 87% reported their symptoms had worsened due to COVID-19. Additionally, more than 30% of participants stated their symptoms were much worse.

Dental hygienist and BSDHT president, Julie Deverick, said eating disorders are among the conditions that may have gone undetected amidst the pandemic.

‘The effects of the pandemic are far reaching and all aspects of the medical community need … Read the rest

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People with obesity in UK wait nine years before seeking help for weight

People with obesity in the UK wait longer than the global average before discussing their weight with a healthcare expert.

This is according to a new study carried out by the European Association for the Study of Obesity.

The data reveals that, on average, people with obesity in the UK do not seek help from a healthcare professional for nine years.

In comparison, the global average stands at six years.

As a result of the delay, people with obesity are at additional risk of developing obesity-related conditions. These include obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), type two diabetes and cancer.


Reasons for the findings include participants feeling it was their own responsibility to manage their additional weight. As well as doctors in the UK perceiving their patients to lack the motivation to lose weight.

The online survey was carried out in 11 countries, including Australia, Italy, Spain and UAE.

Some UK … Read the rest

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