Sarasota Memorial Health Care System Radiation Oncology Center

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System’s new Radiation Oncology Center completes the first phase of the Brian D. Jellison Cancer Institute. In support of the Cancer Institute’s vision to provide a comprehensive care continuum, the new oncology center in Sarasota, Fla. offers patients access to premier radiation treatment, including external beam radiation services, in a comfortable, spa-like environment devoted solely to cancer care.

The 18,000-square-foot facility is equipped with two Varian TrueBeam linear accelerators that accurately pinpoint tumors, sparing healthy cells from unnecessary radiation. This cutting-edge technology ultimately facilitates faster treatments, shorter recovery periods, and improved outcomes. The center also includes a CT simulator for radiation therapy, six exam rooms, physician offices, and an integrative care suite.

Informed by critical feedback from hospital user groups and community members, the facility was planned to focus on the whole patient by integrating advanced technology with wellness elements such as a serenity garden and … Read the rest

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Surgical Treatment Of A Displaced Lateral Malleolus Fracture

Whether you are considering entering the field of dentistry, or you are just curious about the day-to-day activities in the work life of dental professionals, you may not know exactly what dentists do on a daily basis. The University of Maryland School of Dentistry (UMSOD) now offers an innovative online program designed to educate non-dental healthcare professionals on the intricacies of oral health – an initiative that, in the end, will provide better clinical outcomes, quality of life and oral function for the patients treated by health professionals. With growing recognition that chronic oral infection contributes substantially to poorer systemic health and to inferior patient health care outcomes, this program will allow the clinician to enhance the efficacy of their interprofessional healthcare teams. However there is good news. You contacted the school and found out that they do not care. On the description of your GPA from PTCAS, it will … Read the rest

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How Pixar’s “Soul” met the Science of Awe

Five years ago, I (Dacher) received a call from Pixar writer and director Pete Docter to talk about his new film. The last time I said yes to such a request, I served as a scientific consultant for his film Inside Out. So, I was intrigued.

Before my visit, Pete offered a brief sketch of the film. The main character, Joe, is a middle-aged jazz pianist in a rut as a middle school band teacher in Queens. Just before his breakthrough show with a famous quartet, he falls into a manhole and dies, entering into another realm of consciousness. There he encounters “The Great Beyond”—but escapes to a pre-life realm, the “Great Before,” where he befriends a cynical “new soul” named 22. The story is about their respective quests: for 22 to find her reason for living, and for Joe to get back to life in his body for a … Read the rest

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Consumer Reports finds unclear, questionable privacy practices and policies among popular mental health apps

Mental Health Apps Aren’t All As Private As You May Think (Consumer Reports):

Type “mental health” or a condition such as anxiety or depression into an app store search bar, and you can end up scrolling through endless screens of options. As a recent Consumer Reports investigation has found, these apps take widely varied approaches to helping people handle psychological challenges—and they are just as varied in how they handle the privacy of their users.

… Researchers in Consumer Reports’ Digital Lab evaluated seven of the most popular options, representing a range of approaches, to gain more insight into what happens to your personal information when you start using a mental health app.

The apps we chose were 7 Cups, BetterHelp, MindDoc (formerly known as Moodpath), Sanity & Self, Talkspace, Wysa, and Youper. We left out popular alternatives such as Headspace, which is pitched as a meditation app, although the

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Blue Note Therapeutics raises $26M to help treat cancer-related distress via cognitive behavioral stress management (CBSM)

Blue Note Therapeutics Raises $26.25 Million in Series A Financing (press release):

Blue Note Therapeutics, Inc., today announced the closing of a Series A financing round of $26.25 million. Proceeds will allow the company to scale the organization and fund near-term clinical trials of its lead prescription digital therapeutic (PDT), which will potentially improve the treatment of cancer. The capital will also support the development of Blue Note’s pipeline assets. The Series A financing was led by JAZZ Venture Partners and joined by Summer VC.

Blue Note Therapeutics is dedicated to serving patients suffering from cancer-related distress. Working closely with leading cancer research centers and patient communities, Blue Note is developing clinically validated medical devices designed to improve overall cancer outcomes. These products will help address the specific psychosocial needs of oncology patients and may reduce comorbidities such as anxiety, depression, and fear of cancer recurrence…In 2020, Blue Note launched

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PHOTO TOUR: Hartford HealthCare’s Health Center at Perkins Farm

Hartford HealthCare (Hartford, Conn.) wanted to build a new ambulatory care facility to support outpatient services for heart and vascular, neurosciences, and primary care, as well as offer full external imaging services.

The three-story, 45,000-square-foot project, Hartford HealthCare’s Health Center at Perkins Farm, was brought to life in January 2020 in the seaport town of Mystic, Conn.

Designed by Perkins&Will (New York), the center is adjacent to in I-95 interstate. The form features a curved volume with white, raked horizontal panels suggestive of a ship’s hull as a homage to the historic seaside village.

At the southwest corner, a stainless-steel mesh clad stair tower delivers an interpretation of a local lighthouse to create a distinctive and meaningful presence along the highway. Concealed lighting internal to the form creates a soft glow, serving as a visual beacon on the exterior.

Each floor is approximately 15,000 square feet with imaging, rehabilitation services, … Read the rest

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How Wonder and Awe help us transcend self, regulate stress, and improve well-being

What is awe?

We have all experienced it, even if we didn’t know what to call it. Whether we’re overlooking a beautiful view after a challenging hike or watching a new leaf grow on the plant we’ve been nurturing in lockdown, the feeling we get in that moment—amazed, inspired, transported—is what researchers call awe.

In his new book, Awestruck, psychologist Jonah Paquette explains the process underlying the experience of awe and uncovers both its complexity and its value to our well-being. Walking readers through various scientific findings, he shows that awe helps improve our relationships, decrease our stress, and make us happier. By illustrating awe’s many benefits, Paquette gives us a reason to seek more awe experiences in our lives—and then shows us how to do it.

How we experience awe

An awe experience, as Paquette defines it, involves two primary components: encountering “vastness” and experiencing transcendence. Vastness happens when … Read the rest

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CPD Opportunity for Healthcare Scientists in Scotland

The University of Glasgow is delighted to be launching a new portfolio of Upskilling Microcredential courses (fully online, with flexible access), commencing on 26th April. Thanks to Scottish Funding Council Funding, over 1,000 fully-funded places are available on these courses for learners currently domiciled in Scotland 


Registration is now open, to secure your fully-funded place. Funded places are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, with priority given to learners who are: unemployed, furloughed, at risk of redundancy or concerned about their job security. 


These 10-week, fully-online courses are worth 10 credits at masters level and a unique opportunity to upskill, re-skill or prove your continuous professional development. Register your interest now in: 

Project Management  

Introduction to Climate Change and Carbon Literacy  

Intercultural Understanding and Emotional Resilience  

Introduction to Management and Leadership in Healthcare 


Further information on each course, including course syllabus detail, project background and how to contact

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What’s in a word? It’s all Biopsychosocial, and a part of the complex human “ecosystem”

by David Poulter

There is still a lot of confusion regarding the word “biopsychosocial”. Yes it’s a compound word made up of three other words Biological (physical), Psychological (of the mind) and Social (of the environment). The trouble is that just like the word biopsychosocial is all one, so are humans.

Clinicians constantly talk about the three elements as separate drivers of pain and health, whilst forgetting that they all apply and are often intimately connected in a causal relationship that can not be found by separating them.

It may be more appropriate to think of the human organism as an ecosystem which requires the interactions of multiple parts to maintain homeostasis and health. I have proposed that looking at humans under a microscope to try and find the cause of a health issue or a pain episode, is doomed to failure. We need to think about putting people under … Read the rest

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