Dental news you’ve missed this week

Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days…

CDO Sara Hurley speaks out after change in COVID-19 alert level

When it comes to a second wave, it now appears to be a question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’. Cases are on the rise – so much so that the UK has upped the alert level to 4. This means the virus is in general circulation, where transmission is high or rising exponentially. In response, CDO Sara Hurley spoke out about what this means for dentistry.

The transformative effects of mindfulness in dentistry

In one of my favourite pieces this week, we heard from Mahrukh Khwaja who talked through the transformative effects of mindfulness in dentistry. With the pandemic and the pressures that come with the job, mental health conversations are more important than ever.

Guidance updated for pregnant healthcare workers in face of COVID-19

New guidance was released for pregnant healthcare workers this week. But organisations are calling for the government to release additional advice owing to the now ‘complex landscape of factors’.

‘Our profession should regulate itself’ – petition calls for dental professional to chair GDC

A petition has been set up urging for the next chair of the General Dental Council (GDC) to be a dental professional. Set up by Dominic O’Hooley on behalf of the BAPD, more than 6,100 people have signed it. It’ll be interesting to see whether this encourages the GDC to change its ways.

Dentist raises thousands after solo charity swim across English Channel

Our feel good story of the week has to go to dentist Jim Lafferty. He braved a solo swim across the English Channel, raising £7,000 for Dentaid. The 21-mile challenge saw him battle cold waters and jellyfish stings – and makes Jim the 32nd person to complete the solo crossing this year. Amazing!

Case of the week – minimal tissue loss using dual zone grafting

Here at Dentistry Online we’ve also launched a brand new feature. Our ‘case of the week’ articles will bring you the latest clinical cases, which are completely free to download. This week’s was put together by Dr Richard Coates who shows how he helped bring back a patient’s smile after an alleged assault.

British Fluoridation Society: plans and predictions in a post-COVID world

We also heard from the British Fluoridation Society, who talked us through the future of water fluoridation in the face of COVID-19 and the abolition of Public Health England (PHE).

My photographic journey – from dentistry to beyond

Professor Damien Walmsley opened up about how his skills in dental photography inspired him to get behind the camera. We absolutely love his photos – and it shows just how transferable dentistry can be.

The post-furlough plan – what does this mean for dentistry?

Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled his post-furlough plan, which includes a job support scheme and the extension of certain government-backed loans. Will these measures help dentistry or did he not go far enough?

Tooth decay remains most common reason for hospital admission in five to nine year olds

Finally, it has been revealed that tooth decay remains the most common reason for hospital admission in five to nine year olds. The good news is that there was a slight fall when compared to the previous year. But more needs to be done to drive these numbers down further.

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