Let’s welcome Mental Health Month (May) by appreciating our beautiful brains

Self Reflected was created over two years by a team that included neuroscientists, engineers, physicists, and students, and is a hyperdetailed representation of 500,000 neurons in a sagittal slice. Credit: Greg Dunn and Brian Edwards.

Between Thought and Expression (Cerebrum):

Greg Dunn was on his way to a Ph.D. in neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania when he realized that bringing the brain’s beauty to life was a more suitable role for him than lab work. He started in ink, inspired by Chinese, Japanese, and Korean paintings and the similarities he found in the microscopic world of neurons and the macroscopic world of trees, flowers, and other landscape images.

Brainbow Hippocampus, by Greg Dunn and Brian Edwards

From there, he branched out to microetchings, gold leaf, scrolls, and murals. Microetching, which consists of creating animated images by precisely controlling light’s reflection off of surfaces, was invented by Dunn and collaborator Brian Edwards, Ph.D., an applied physicist at the University of Pennsylvania. ”Microetchings are made through a complex process of hand drawing, computer manipulation, algorithmic simulation, photolithography, gilding, and strategic lighting design,” he explains. “No images are taken verbatim from a photograph or scan.”

Here is just a small sampling of work … Enjoy the show.

About Greg Dunn’s neuro art:

Check out his microetchings Here.

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