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5 Ideas and Hypotheses of Ancient Scientologists Who Are Now Considered Strange

When we talk about and get involved in science, of course, we also understand that the world of science is a condition that is not always constant. Since ancient times, science has always received corrections and updates to fulfill or improve outdated theories. Yes, in other words, science is objective and tied to the facts in the universe.

Likewise, the ideas or opinions of scientists, it is always corrected by the times. Currently, we can see that there are many theories, hypotheses, and scientific laws that have been used by scientists to explain various natural phenomena. However, did you know that in ancient times, many scientific ideas were considered strange? These ideas and hypotheses have even been debunked in this modern era.

Everything has been broken in the modern era.

1.Wireless radio technology will be meaningless

Listening to music wirelessly in the early 1900s did seem impossible and futuristic. However, Read the rest

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Latest Science Early 2022

Hello, science lovers! Have you seen the news? It’s a great time to be a scientist. Scientists are discovering new species of animals, breaking records for the fastest spacecraft ever built, and even inventing new ways to cook food. To celebrate all this exciting research being done by our favorite scientists around the world (and in your backyard), here are some scientific facts that will make you feel like part of something bigger than yourself sciencefile.

Science is cool!

Science is cool! It’s fun, exciting, and a great way to learn about the world. You can use science to help you learn more about the world and yourself.

Scientists have discovered a new species of monkey that lives in Madagascar.

Scientists have discovered a new species of monkey that lives in Madagascar, a member of the Old World monkey family. The rufous-necked mangabey is endangered and found only on Read the rest

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