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Studies have shown positive results with a mixture of AstraZeneca and Pfizer, but the question remains.

Editor’s Note: COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Fact Checking is a series in which we talk to doctors and ask burning questions about everything related to them. COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) – From treatment to vaccines and diagnosis.

If Shakespeare was alive, he would say, “It doesn’t matter if you get it,” because he’s rushing to vaccinate people.

Recently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel Moderna vaccine As her second dose after receiving the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine.

The German Immunization Standing Committee (STIKO) advice People “regardless of age” who received the AstraZeneca vaccine as the first shot and the mRNA vaccine as the second shot.

Canada’s National Advisory Board on Immunization (NACI) Recommended combination vaccine “The mRNA vaccine is currently preferred as the second dose for individuals who receive the first dose of the AstraZeneca / Covishield vaccine,” he said.

The Spanish Bioethics Commission has instructed people to receive the mRNA vaccine after the first dose of AstraZeneca.But they also said The second dose is important, Even if that means taking another dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Combination vaccine not yet recommended..

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Vaccines are not compatible.. However, under circumstances that should be taken into account, a person can be vaccinated with another vaccine.

So where does this lead to vaccine mixing? Are there any negative side effects? Can I get two vaccines in India?

Let’s check.

There are two types of adenovirus and mRNA vaccine COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) The shot currently in use.

The AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are examples of adenovirus vaccines, while Pfizer and Moderna use mRNA. Sputnik V, also an adenovirus vaccine, consists of two different shots. Covacin, on the other hand, is created using inactivated or dead viruses.

These vaccines are completely different, “differently functioning, manufactured differently, and initiating an immune response,” said Dr. Rohan Sequeira, an internal medicine consultant at Jaslock Hospital and Research Center. ..

This is a dividing factor for health professionals. Some are all for mixing vaccines, but others are still uncertain.

Dr. Kate O’Brien, director of the World Health Organization (WHO) vaccine unit, said: Associated Press, “Based on the basic principle of how vaccines work, we think the mix-and-match regimen works.”

Dr Sunil Jain, Director of Emergency Medicine at Jaslok Hospital & Research Center, also COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) vaccine.

However, Daniel Altman, an immunologist at Imperial College London, has several different concerns.He said Nature Repeated doses of virus-based vaccines can be less effective because the immune system provokes a response to adenovirus. On the other hand, mRNA vaccination tends to have more serious adverse effects at higher doses.The· Coronavirus Pandemic is the first time an mRNA vaccine has been approved, There is no way to know What happens when combined with an adenovirus vaccine?

Dr. Tushar Tayal, Department of Internal Medicine, CK Birla Hospital, Gurgaon, does not recommend switching vaccines as the Government of India recommends completing the vaccination course with the same vaccine.

Various studies on combination vaccines

Various studies have been conducted to understand the safety and efficacy of combination vaccines and are at various stages of completion. Since these vaccines have been found to be safe for people and effective against SARS-CoV-2, researchers have taken the following steps to ensure that they work well with each other and provide a stronger immune response. I investigated whether it would cause it.

Spanish Combivac S Trial: More than 600 people who received a single dose of AstraZeneca vaccine participated in the study. Two-thirds of the participants received Pfizer as the second dose. Preliminary results Showing that they have developed more than 37-fold SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibody, 4x more SARS-CoV-2 specific immune cells Than those who took AstraZeneca only once.

Com-COV research: 830 volunteers over 50 participated Oxford-led research To find out if you want to mix your own vaccine with Pfizer Produces a better immune response. They tried two variations of the vaccine schedule-Pfizer followed by AstraZeneca and AstraZeneca followed by Pfizer. After 4 weeks, patients vaccinated with Pfizer at 4-week intervals following AstraZeneca showed a better immune response. They are also waiting for the results of a 12-week interval trial.

Sputnik V: Vaccine developed in Russia Sputnik V We have introduced a new version called Sputnik Light. It is supposed to act as a booster shot and can probably be combined with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Authorities say they will conduct research to find out how effective the vaccines are when combined.

These studies show, yes, you can mix and match your vaccine. And while some countries support it, India does not. But there is a tweet that it is possible.

What does India say?

The center is reportedly studying the effects of mixed shots from two different vaccines. Niti Aayog member VK Paul Said, “It [vaccine mixing] It’s plausible. But we need to do more research … our experts are also continuing to study …Scientifically no problem.. “

There is a certain possibility Mixing vaccines can produce stronger immunity or more antibodies, Said AIIMS Chief Dr. Landeep Grelia. “This has been seen in the past. Give one vaccine as a priming shot and another as a booster.”

“We need more data … more vaccines will be available in the future … so we don’t know at this time which combination is better … but early research It is suggested that it could be an option. “He added.

Possible side effects of combination vaccine

Vaccine mixture Not a new technology.. The first combination vaccine was created in 1948 and was administered to treat individual diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough (DTP) and was first used in 1948 to vaccinate infants and children.

Even if the above studies show that it is safe to mix doses, there are always exceptions to the rules. What I learned from the AstraZeneca vaccine – Thrombocytopenia..

Jain mixes Pfizer and AstraZeneca, Mild to moderate side effects.. However, “these symptoms” were “short-lived, within a few days, and there were no hospitalizations or other safety concerns,” he says.

Many countries have banned it since reports of blood clots associated with AstraZeneca. Those who received the first dose had no choice but to get another vaccine.

“Mixing and matching allows us to complete immunization while ensuring safety. Evidence suggests that. Mixing “has a good safety profile”, “He added.

Sequeira also said he had never heard of reports of adverse effects on patients.

“It can actually produce a different kind of immune response,” he says.

Maureen Ferrand, Associate Professor of Biology, Rochester Institute of Technology Said By mixing the vaccine May help speed up global vaccination Finish the pandemic faster. It can also “provide a more robust and long-lasting immune response and better protect people from new mutations.”

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