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Free Microsoft Excel Personal Budget Spreadsheet

The most popular monthly personal budget spreadsheet template available on the Microsoft Office website is a worksheet that can be opened with Excel 2017 or later versions. The file is 37 KB and has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times from the Microsoft Office website. Here is a programming soft to help with creating a personal budget from scratch: Submit to “Order Page” – “Do My Excel Homework” request. Profit.

Free Microsoft Excel Personal Budget Spreadsheet Tracks Income and Expenses

This budget template has an attractive layout that incorporates shades of blue for the background accented with white and black text in easy-to-read Tahoma font. This free personal budget spreadsheet template was created to track monthly household expenses (January through December); it allows the user to obtain a realistic picture of actual surpluses or deficits available at the end of each month because it compares total income to total expenses. […]

How to Learn Java Enterprise

Java offers web developers more advanced functionality than traditional HTML, making it an excellent choice for seasoned programmers. However, like other forms of online technology, using Java requires specific script knowledge, attainable only through specialized, focused study. Luckily, there are many useful resources available to beginning Java users. If you follow the right steps, you can learn basic Java Enterprise Edition programming in just a few days, as well as begin an extended regimen of advanced Java learning to continually hone your skills.

Things You’ll Need

Computer with reliable Internet access

  • Visit the Java Enterprise Edition, also called Java EE, page at Sun Developer Network’s website (see References at the end of this article) to get the latest version of Java. According to the site, Sun Developer Network is the official producer and distributor of Java and related Java software. On the Java EE page, you’ll find the latest version info for Java. Java is continually upgraded, so it’s important to make sure you’re working with the latest version as you begin learning. As of August 2009, Java EE 5 was the latest stable, fully-released version; however, a preview version of Java EE 6 is available for users looking to get a sneak peak at upcoming Java technology.
  • Use official Sun Developer Network tutorials to start your Java education. Both online and downloadable PDF versions of Sun Developer Network tutorials are available for Java EE (see References). While these tutorials will not make you a Java Enterprise Edition expert, Sun Developer Network claims they provide a “practical guide” to familiarize you with Java programming.
  • Utilize supplemental online learning opportunities at websites like and (see Resources). These sites require payment for use of educational resources and tutorial support; however, the nominal fees are worth it if you want to enhance your Java Enterprise Edition knowledge. Fee-for-service educational sites provide in-depth learning that will augment the basic information from the free Sun Developer Network tutorial.
  • Take a course to formalize your skills. All of the tutoring help that you need to “Do My Java Homework” through highly qualified experienced tutors. After you’ve learned the basics, apply what you’ve learned to a university class in order to receive college credit and professional recognition for your skills. Many courses award Java programming certification upon course completion. On-site education is possible at a local university; however, you can also consider online courses offered through schools like the University of California at Irvine (see Resources).


What are the Advantages for Earning a Doctorate Degree?

Continuing your education to earn this advanced degree opens many doors which lead to a career as a researcher, innovator, and leader in your field.

Are you considering earning a doctorate degree? Do you ask yourself what are the advantages for spending the time and money to earn this advanced degree? Fortunately there is more than one answer to this question, because the advantages are numerous. Two of these benefits include recipients of doctorate degrees receive median annual earnings of $80,860, along with enjoying only a two percent unemployment rate in 2008 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey, 2008).

Beyond these two benefits, you may still be asking yourself – What are other advantages for earning a doctorate degree? Some of these include the opportunity to advance in your career field, carry out intellectual activities and challenges, and opening doors to leading or participating in cutting edge research. In addition to these, holders of doctoral degrees are routinely in the forefront of finding and developing solutions to some of the world’s significant problems. […]

80s Forgotten & Underrated Science Fiction Films

Aside from the blockbusters, most science fiction movies of the 1980s seem primitive by today’s standards. But these forgotten films served up some quality movie magic.

Certain 80s science fiction movies evoke nostalgia for the decade. Others transcend time, establishing themselves as classic cinema. Then there are those 80s sci-fi films that brought joy to some but were missed by others despite their decade-defining quality. This article pays homage to five of those films.

The Last Starfighter: Director- Nick Castle; Cast – Lance Guest, Dan O’Herlihy, Catherine Mary Stewart

1984’s The Last Starfighter, directed by Nick Castle and starring Lance Guest, was actually a financial success… by early 1980s standards. According to, the film grossed nearly double its budget of $15 million. Of course, by today’s standards, the lead actor in most action blockbusters makes as much money as The Last Starfighter brought in. […]

A Digital Camera in Science Class

Wondering how to put that new digital camera to use in the classroom? This article will provide ideas for science lesson plans and some basic information to consider.

With digital cameras becoming more and more user friendly, teachers are constantly searching for creative ways to use this handy device to enhance their lessons and motivate their students. The science classroom is the ideal place to start because it offers a natural hands-on environment and activities for primary learners. This article will present some basic information and science project ideas that will help to get you started with the exciting teaching tool of digital imaging.

Why Use a Digital Camera?

Digital cameras are easy to use, require no extra cost for film or processing, are conveniently sized, and provide immediate pictures for children to see. They can be connected to a computer and the pictures then can be published, imported into other programs, or made into a slide show for class viewing. The possibilities are endless! […]