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In designing and delivering training courses, scientific human learning theories and training principles are followed, but not just by gut feelings or experience only.

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One of the most important tips to succeed in Network and Internet Marketing (or business in general) is to understand the psychology of why people buy. Ethical philosophy also shows how ethical judgments and ethical statements or attitudes are formed. Ethics was studied in philosophy from the days of Socrates and Aristotle and was related to self realization about the needs of the human condition. Doing the right thing at the right time and in the right manner for the right reason is considered virtuous and ethical. Yet a psychology of ethics would involve more than just understanding moral values and appreciation of the human condition. The psychology of ethics is about our basic beliefs and attitudes and the formation of … Read the rest

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What health risks do 9/11 first responders face?

When the planes hit the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, federal law enforcement officer Raymond Gauvin followed his training without hesitation. His office, at 26 Federal Plaza, was less than a mile from the site. He arrived to help rescue people from the rubble within minutes.

“I would have never guessed there would be consequences medically, later on,” Gauvin says.

Twenty years later, Gauvin has suffered from bladder cancer, inflammation in his nose, acid reflux, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). All of these health impacts—along with other cancers, respiratory diseases, and mental health conditions—are especially common among the first responders and survivors who worked at the World Trade Center site, both on September 11 and in the months of clean up afterward.

Through treating and studying these patients for two decades, clinicians have identified previously unknown connections between pollution exposure and numerous health conditions. Continued research will further

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Why climate change is still the greatest threat to human health

People around the world are witnessing firsthand how climate change can wreak havoc on the planet. Steadily rising average temperatures fuel increasingly intense wildfires, hurricanes, and other disasters that are now impossible to ignore. And while the world has been plunged into a deadly pandemic, scientists are sounding the alarm once more that climate change is still the greatest threat to human health in recorded history.

As recently as August—when wildfires raged in the United States, Europe, and Siberia—World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement that “the risks posed by climate change could dwarf those of any single disease.”

On September 5, more than 200 medical journals released an unprecedented joint editorial that urged world leaders to act. “The science is unequivocal,” they write. “A global increase of 1.5°C above the pre-industrial average and the continued loss of biodiversity risk catastrophic harm to health that

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Physical Education Degrees

In fact Dali’s work could be seen as almost a visual representation of Freud’s emphasis on dream analysis, unconscious desires as well as hallucinations and free association.

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I don’t know a single person who can say they have gone through life without a moment of sorrow or sadness. There are other things that you should undertake so you will be granted a license. Public health online degrees are actually easy to handle, the difficult part is the internship. This is something that most people would consider as a difficult task. It is not actually that difficult the problem with this however is that all theories may be supplied by online subjects and practical ones will be applied during the internship. Capella is a for-profit university based in Minneapolis that offers most of its programs online. The institution is available to any lifestyle or budget through … Read the rest

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Learn How Students Used Data Science to Explore Health, Wealth, and Education in the Bronx | Columbia

A team of undergraduate students from Columbia University and Lehman College, CUNY, used sophisticated data visualization techniques to explore the correlation between environmental factors and statistical measures of school dropout rates, income, and health disparities as part of the Bronx Council for Environmental Quality’s (BCEQ) research project, Environmental Determinants of Health, Wealth, and Education.  

Over the summer, the undergraduates applied their data science skills to projects that focus on the need to address quality of life issues for New York City residents in underserved communities. Graduate students from the Columbia Department of Statistics served as mentors during the program.

The students presented their report via Zoom at a public BCEQ meeting on September 8. The report findings include:

  • The dropout rate among public school students who live near highways in the Bronx is substantially higher than among those who don’t. 
  • Bronx residents who live farther from parks
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How To Become A Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS)

In Jungian psychology art as a psychological process would be an assimilation of the cultural experiences of the artist so it is accessible to an wider community.

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Medical appliance technicians fabricate, fit, maintain, and repair orthopedic braces, artificial limbs, joints, arch supports, and other surgical and medical appliances. The distinction between feelings and bodily reactions in comprising emotions could help us identify these two essential components for each emotion. For example anger is a complex emotion comprising of a feeling of irritability and a bodily reaction of rapid heartbeats, reddened face, etc. mylifescoop An emotion of anxiety has a fear component and a bodily reaction of sweat or trembling etc. Psychological studies have usually overlooked the feeling component in emotions and also emphasized on bodily reactions rather than identifying feeling as a separate and essential aspect of emotion. Recent studies in consciousness have tried to … Read the rest

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Breast milk components and their health functions: the science so far

Advanced analytical technologies such as next-generation sequencing have enabled unprecedented exploration of human breast milk and expanded research on its various health benefits. Nevertheless, breast milk is a complex system of bioactive components, many of which have not yet been identified, and others which have only been investigated at the preliminary level.

The current review paper, published in the journal Nutrients​, examined some of the components and the literature on their health science. The authors categorised these components in four groups: macronutrients, immunologic components, micro-organisms (or the ‘microbiome’) and exosomes and microRNA.

Macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates and fat

Carbohydrates account for 7% (60-70g/L) of milk and 40% of the total calorie reserve. Lactose is the main carbohydrate in breast milk. It is the major contributor to the osmolality of breast milk and aids the absorption of oligosaccharides, minerals and calcium.

Protein, which accounts for 1% (8-10g/L), is composed of

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What Is A Laboratory Information Management System Database

If you want to be part of these changing times in public health the need to advance your education has become significantly more important than ever before.

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A Public health worker is person who has a lot of things to cover in their jobs. There is more to becoming a healthcare administrator than fulfilling academic criteria. Health services managers are also required to have a diverse set of skills such as decision-making, critical thinking, communication, and interpersonal and leadership skills. They should be able to withstand pressure and be willing to work long hours. Because of the integration of technology into the modern-day healthcare delivery system, health services managers are expected to have comprehensive computer knowledge as well. They also need to keep abreast of the changes taking place in the country’s healthcare policies and be aware of all the regulatory practices in force, … Read the rest

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How To Take Care Of Your Laboratory Equipment

Creative geniuses as we know have high general intelligence and high levels of creative intelligence which is actually one’s ability to imagine or create things.

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Career in public health have many different benefits and is certainly a career you should think about pursuing. 6. Displacement – In non participative and passive forms of entertainment, individuals tend to escape from reality and displace their emotions from real people to characters in movies. For example a teenager in love with a girl whom he cannot attain may fall in love with a character of a movie who may have similarities with his dream girl. Technicians can advance and become technologist by the further studies and experience. Technologist may advance to the supervisory positions in the laboratory or may become chief medical or manager in the clinical laboratory. In addition to benefiting from an affordable tuition rate, online students … Read the rest

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Wealthy nations must do much more, much faster — ScienceDaily

Over 200 health journals across the world have come together to simultaneously publish an editorial calling on world leaders to take emergency action to limit global temperature increases, halt the destruction of nature, and protect health.

While recent targets to reduce emissions and conserve biodiversity are welcome, they are not enough and are yet to be matched with credible short and longer term plans, it warns.

The editorial is published in leading titles from every continent including The BMJ, The Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine, the East African Medical Journal, the Chinese Science Bulletin, the National Medical Journal of India, the Medical Journal of Australia, and 50 BMJ specialist journals including BMJ Global Health and Thorax.

Never have so many journals come together to make the same statement, reflecting the severity of the climate change emergency now facing the world.


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